Mountain climbing – Part 1

Baita, the Italian word for cabin.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND mountain lover- Hi EVERYONE,

As most of you know, my family is rather international. My better half is British, my step mum and that part of my family is Italian and I am German. As not everyone is capable of speaking all languages, I end up speaking and translation in three different languages all the time and therefore people think we are a little crazy. However, I love it, I get to spent time with my family and practice some of the languages I speak!

Having said that, I want to share some pictures from todays hike to the family “Baita”, a cabin on top of a mountain in the Italian Alps, in the middle of nowhere. Not only is it absolutely stunning up here, it is also super relaxing and peaceful.


– Baita –

We got up early, went skiing/snowboarding for a few turns and then put our walking boots on, went shopping and then started the hike up the mountain. There is no path, nor anyone else going towards the direction we are heading, but we know where we want to go. We have this little house in mind, the one we spent a few days last summer in, and can’t wait to finally get there again.

The photos will hopefully give you some impressions of this beautiful hike and fun.

“Laura, ti prego, aiutami…”

I now got to go and prepare dinner with the rest of us, but I will follow up tomorrow. Of course, as always I will take you with me via Instagram :)

And as the heading of this post already says: this is only part 1 of my cabin diary so there will be another one coming tomorrow with more pictures of this great hike and cabin stay for you!

So stay tuned :)

See you soon, 


Laura Kukuk

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