5 tips for a winter holiday on a budget

Skiing and Snowboarding can be for everyone any time.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND mountain lover- Hi EVERYONE,

After coming back from a wonderful skiing and snowboarding holiday in Italy, returning to work and study time, I am missing the mountains already.

Some of you asked for some tips on how to save or even afford a winter holiday, as it is commonly known to be rather expensive. Expenses like lift pass, accommodation, food and drinks up in the mountains, rental, transport and many more can sum up to a big amount.

matt on mountain.JPG

In order for you to be able to save some of those expanses I have tried to the best 5 tips which helped me. Usually I go skiing at least twice a year but being a student that can be quite a challenge to be affordable. Often you here the sentence “how do you afford it.. I wouldn’t be able to!”. I believe, that one can afford anything as long as you are dedicated to make it work.

Here are my 5 top tips on saving money:

  1. Book in advance
    • Depending on the ski resort I suggest to book at least 3/4 of a year in advance
    • You will have more options and a bigger variety
    • Booking the apartment in advance you will have more time to organise the holiday and come up with some additional adventures and experiences one can do during the holiday. For example we attended the Milan Fashion Week, a concert and went hiking for two days to a cabin in the mountains.
  2. Pick the right time for your holiday 
    • Try to avoid public and school holidays
    • You save more money if you go skiing during “low season” rather than high season, where ski passes, accommodation and food is the highest
    • You won’t only have the advantage of saving some money, also you will find that the slopes are rather empty and less beginners will be “blocking” the way
  3. Choose an apartment with a kitchen
    • The more people fit in and come along the better. You can split the costs across and therefore save a lot of money on many hotel rooms.
    • You can cook lunch and dinner as well as prepare breakfast. Doing so you not only save a lot of money but also can enjoy cooking and preparing meals together.
    • Ideally you want an apartment at the sloper, or at least close to in order to be able to start off first thing in the morning and come home with the last ride in the afternoon.spritz-in-the-sun-in-the-mountains
  4. Travel with hand luggage
    • Although it seems nearly impossible to go on skiing holiday with ONLY hand luggage, we have been doing so over the last years. It not only saves money, you are also way quicker and it is less complicated to travel.
    • If you are taking your skis, boards and boots, then you might want to book luggage but check it in as sport luggage so you can save money on extra, oversize luggage ones again.
    • If you have a bag for your devices, you might want to use all the space they offer and fit some of your ski clothes in the bags.
  5. Set yourself a travel budget
    • Calculate the costs realistically in advance
    • Try to split these costs into different segments e.g. food, rental, lift pass etc.
    • Set yourself a target each day and and try to stick to it
    • The better you have a focus on the amount the less you will spend on extra, unnecessary things. 


What do you think, want to go skiing now as well?

Do you have any recommendation and tips? 🙂

See you soon, 


Laura Kukuk

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