MG TD Midget

The Gallery is at the bottom.

MG TD Midget has been in our family since I can think, approximately for over 30 years.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND classic car lover – Hi EVERYONE,

The MG TD came out in 1949 and was produced between 1949 – 1953. The production year of our vehicle is 1952. It has got 40KW and 1.250 ccm.


I am going to start my next restoration project. This time I decided to document and write about it, let you guys participate on the workflows and talk you through the car and work which gets done. I will mainly work alone, although I have a few technical and restoration experts helping me with the tricky parts – these are the parts I will learn the most from and therefore am looking the most forward to. I will try to put as much time into it as possible, however it can only be as much as my other occupations allow me to have as free time.


I have been looking for quite some time for a suitable project, car related. I thought for a while to get myself back into racing, rallye racing, but it seemed not to be right for now. I definitely want to get into rallye driving later on in my life, when the time is suitable. For now I am rather looking for a project which bonds me in some ways to a relaxed place where I can think, get dirty, be myself and get my work done. The shed in combination with an old classic which needs to be restored seemed perfect for my ambitions. Not to doubt, that I will learn and improve my engineering skills which will always help, not only finishing my degree but for the career I am aiming for.


Early 1949-1950 MG TD, with closed disc wheels as shown in the workshop manual.

My dad got the MG as his daily car for quite some time, as a true classic car passionate nothing else than such would be suitable. After the engine broke down in 2002 no one had the time or was too keen on repairing and restoring it. As my childhood memories connect me and this car as well as the beautiful bodywork itself, I am emotionally attached to it.

I can’t wait to get started with this project this week. We will start with writing a list of things which need to be done, taking the engine and gearbox out and looking those through.


Pre Restauration.

A new toolbox with life-long guarantee and work-suit from castrol with MG stickers are part of this exciting story.

Stay tuned for and watch out for the next story on the start of the restoration! :)

See you soon, 


Laura Kukuk






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