A magical weekend at home.

The Gallery is at the bottom.

Cologne – family time.

Dear travel seeker, design engineer, adventurer and poetry slammer AND relaxing sun lover– Hi EVERYONE,

After having been away quite a fair bit the last weeks, we decided to stay at home (in Cologne) this weekend and enjoy the weather. My better half decided to drive over and brought our beloved dog, Mr. Troubles, for a week of visiting our home in Germany.

Not only did we enjoy the weather, the many relaxing walks and runs we had with the little one, but also a few amazing rides across the countryside.


We started off taking the McLaren 570S for a spin on Saturday. Although that was work related you simply enjoy every second co-/driving such a powerful and stunning vehicle.

Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to drive it, as it is a work car and you need special licences and requirements, as well as being a full employee, to be able to drive the test vehicles. However, a few photos on our car park, were a must-do.


Sunday morning, we then had the opportunity to take our classic mustang out for a spin, together with my dad. It has only just been fully restored leaving an outstanding vehicle. The sound of these old V8 engines is breath taking and driving these vehicles is just so chilled and relaxed – enjoying the sun while listening to these deep sounds.


After the ride with the classic Mustang, our neighbour was so kind to offer going for a ride with the latest model and compare those two icons with each other.

Both being absolute car lovers, there wasn’t even a second for us to consider and we grateful took this opportunity. The modern version has cool little features, such as the lighted reflexion of a Mustang on the ground when opening the vehicle or the shape of the rear lights. However, the thing which impresses us the most was the way the roof of the cabriolet opens. Firstly, it is soundless and very smooth to watch, yet fast in the way it is operating. The solution seems to be a little electrical engine which created this smooth and fantastic operation – great solution!

Having Troubles together with beautiful sunny days, the weekend was the perfect relaxation we all needed. I love spending time with my family, friends, love of my life and my little baby. Spending time with your beloved ones is the best way to recharge your batteries, get the support needed and enjoy the crazy company.


Try to see your beloved ones on a regular basis. Try to be there for them as much as they are for you, try to spend as much time as possible without stopping following your dreams.

I guess what I want to say is that weekends like these, with family and pure relaxation, should be as worthy to you as weekends in posh hotels, rough hostels and traveling the world.

Enjoy the read and stay tuned for my next trip to London,


Laura Kukuk



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