La vita è bella.

The Gallery is at the bottom.

A weekend with family, friends, classic cars and a lot of FUN.

Today I want to try and bring some of the Italian flair across, to invite you into the magic of historic racing and find some passion in classic cars.

Bergamo Gran Prix 2017_2_vin (108 of 128)

If you are interested in classic cars you have most probably already heard about the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. It takes place in Cernobbio, where the two villa’ are located. Cernobbio can be found approximately 5km north from Como at Lago di Como. Not only are these villages beautiful with their tiny little Italian roads, also the lake is one of the nicest northern Italy has to offer. If you have never been to Lago di Como, definitely plan stops at Bellagio (the centre bit from the two “legs”) and my all time favourite village Lecco.

This year we had the pleasure to attend the Villa Erba event and the RM Sothebys auction  on saturday evening. Not only were over 66 cars and motorbikes on display for sale but also a few prototypes.

The link below will lead you to the results of the auction according to the lot numbers: Erzielte Verkaufspreise der Lot-Nummern

Bergamo Gran Prix 2017_2_p3 (57 of 128)

The beautiful Villa Erba is a stunning resort and creates a great ambiance for these historical beauties and rare cars.

Bergamo Gran Prix 2017_2_p3 (30 of 128)

Bergamo Gran Prix 2017_2_p3 (52 of 128)

Before moving on to the next event, Bergamo Gran Prix, which happened on sunday, I want to show you some impressions of the Villa as well as the beautiful cars which were in display:

After this beautiful day we spent the evening in Como, explored the town centre and enjoyed some good food. An early night, after our drive back, was calling as everyone was super excited for the next day – race day! :)

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for had arrived – the historic Bergamo Gran Prix. The race takes place in the old town part called Città Alta, along the historic wall. This part of Bergamo is located on top of the hill/mountain and therefore the view from above is stunning.

Bergamo Gran Prix 2017_vin (127 of 178)

The circuit is defined from the street on/next the wall all around the old city part, as you can see below. Especially the many curves and the width of the street itself can be challenging.

Bergamo circuit

All of us agreed, that the best about the whole event is, that you are literally standing on the track, being able to “touch” the cars and therefore be fully involved in the race. Also the boxen stop is located right on a big “plaza” so everyone is able to get involved, speak to the drivers and owners and share the passion amongst other crazy people.

Below you can find the program which took place, also an orientation for next years programme if you are inspired enough :)

Programma 2017

09,00 Punzonature in Piazza della Cittadella delle Auto e Moto
10,00 – 10,30 1° Manche MOTO GP Circuito delle Mura
10,30 – 11,00 2° Manche GTS Circuito delle Mura
11,30 – 12,00 3° Manche F1 Circuito delle Mura
12,00 – 14,30 Brunch e Premiazioni BHGP
15,00 – 15,30 4° Manche MOTO GP Circuito delle Mura
15,30 – 16,00 5° Manche F1 Circuito delle Mura
16,30 – 17,00 6° Manche GTS Circuito delle Mura

I think I have talked enough for now and hope that the pictures will talk more and enough. We tried to capture the impressions in the best possible way and hope that next year we see a few of you attend as well :)

Veni. Vidi. Vici. 

Italy is just a beautiful country, amazing food, super friendly people, family, culture, history and a lot of charm. It is my second home, my family home and my happy place.

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