A smell of fresh coffee mixed with a hint of various spices from all over the world.

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How to spent your perfect Sunday morning in London.

Have you every had a truffle infused duck burger? Or one of the Ethiopian traditional dishes?

You have a free weekend, nothing planned yet and just want to hang out in the city? How about you make your way up to one of the many markets in and around London and stroll around these while enjoying their distinguishing cuisines?

Southbank Market London (58 of 58)

One of my favourite activities while being in London is exactly that – walk around the different food markets and try all variations of international and national foods offered.

There are generally some good ways to spend your day in London, especially on a sunny day in summer, as there are many events and shows happening. Head over to my story on a day in London where we visited the London summer festival.

Southbank Market London (49 of 58)

My absolute favourite food market is the Southbank Market, located right at the Southbank Centre and the Thames. You have an amazing and vibrant atmosphere created by the city and the water just next to it.

To get there you either get off at Waterloo Station and just walk over to the riverside or get off at Embankment and walk over the  Golden Jubilee Bridge towards Southbank. The food market is from Friday-Saturday open and operates from 11/12 am – 8 pm (! Sundays only till 6pm !).

Southbank Market London (55 of 58)

The variety seems endless, a true gelato from Italy, a traditional Indian curry, a Polish sandwich, Arabic traditional dishes and many more nationalities showcase and let you trial their foods.

Many vegetarian and vegan meals supplement the meat selection and therefore Everyone has a huge selection of different foods and beverages.

Some of the best burgers are made here. Either you are experimental and go for the French version of a burger which is a combination of duck meat with truffle and a variation of cheeses. Or you go to a local farmers stand, there you will get grass fed delicious meet served on their very own blue cheese, just delicious.

As you can see, many variations and cuisines, which usually will end up with tough decisions on which of the many delicious meals to choose.

If you want to discover some of the other amazing food markets across London, here is a list of some of my favourites:

  • Camden Lock is the central hub of Camden’s huge market, which is home to more than 100 shops and stalls. Here you’ll find an extensive range of goods from designer clothes and accessories, to one-off pieces of art, food and furnishings.
  • Discover this bustling gourmet’s paradise in London. Borough Market is stacked with a range of fresh and organic produce including fruit, veg, meat and cheese, as well as condiments, baked treats and delicious street food.
  • Portobello Road has been a market since the 1800s but became particularly famous for its antiques in the 1950s. Now there are numerous stalls offering everything from fruit and bread to posters, vintage and designer clothes, bric-a-brac, music and, of course, loads of antiques!
  • Situated under the railway arches in the Ropewalk near London Bridge station is Maltby Street Market, a foodie’s playground. There is a fantastic range of street food sellers lined up and down the narrow market over the weekend, from the piled-high New York style sandwiches at Monty’s Deli, to Little Bird gin cocktails and the famous St John Bakery’s filled donuts.
  • Housed in and around the iconic Market Building and Piazzas, Covent Garden is an architectural masterpiece. Along with the speciality shops, restaurants and cafes in the Apple Market you’ll come across street performers amongst the gorgeous craft, antiques and jewellery on offer.
  • Broadway Market in Hackney sells an eclectic mix of goods from local farmers, artists and craftspeople.

Have you also seen my collection of food shots from all over the world here? Or my first trial in baking Macarons?

Enjoy the insights and see you soon, 


Laura Kukuk



































































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