A flavour palette of the Surrey Hills.

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Crystal-clear water and 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness.

Have you heard of Silent Pool, maybe even about the rapidly expanding, very distinguished Gin?

Set deep within the rolling green Surrey Hills is a beautiful tranquil lake known as the Silent Pool. It is considered by some to be a sacred and mysterious site, known by the locals for its folk law tales. Its said that rather un-nobally King John on his horse attempted to abducted a woodcutter’s daughter, fleeing for her life she was forced into the deep water and met a perilous end in the crystal clear, ice cold blue waters. King John, being too much of a coward, did not come to rescue her and disappeared in the woods. According to the legend, the maiden still haunts the lake at midnight-Animals and people are afraid to settle too long next to the lake because of its eerie stillness and abnormally crystal clear water.

Silent Pool Lake (1 of 1).jpg

The Silent Pool and its crystal clear water.

However its these same ice cold pure waters filtered for several months through the many layers of surrey chalk that makes an excellent base for this unique Gin.

Another mystery around this site is based in December 1926. The year in which crime writer Agatha Christie disappeared. The saga says, that she had drowned in the Silent Pool after someone discovered her car at Newlands Corner, nearby.

Silent Pool Gin (11 of 19)

The colour of the bottle is a recreation of the pure crystal clear water.

The beautiful and unique bottle design is inspired by the colour of the water dressed with characters from the pools history intertwined with the botanicals used to create its distinguished taste and leaves of the trees that overhang the waters like a picture frame.

So what is this mysterious Gin all about?

The story

In 2009 London Gin producer Sipsmith managed to overturn a longstanding legislation in British law to prevent small scale production of gin opening up the market for new and creative renaissance of Gin in the UK.

A group of friends and connoisseurs of the spirit Gin inspired by the Gin revolution had the idea of producing their own unique, handcrafted and uncompromising quality based Gin in the heart of Surrey Hills.

Silent Pool Gin (13 of 19)

All of this shall be based on a sustainable production process. Not only was the wish for the products to be influenced by the Surrey Hill region and its botanicals, but also to place the handcrafted production process at the site of Silent Pool. Old farm sheds and buildings have been transformed into the distillery and storage place, at the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate.

The founders assembled a likeminded team of ex bar men and distillers and began experimenting the thousands of flavour possibilities that gin allows and since 2014, the Silent Pools water has helped create the distinct and flavoursome Gin.

The process

In keeping with the original vision for a sustainable business, a vintage wood-fired steam boiler was restored to power the hand-built copper still, created for Silent Pool Distillers by the Arnold Holstein Company in the Lake Constance area of Germany, explains Master Distiller Cory Mason.

The head is based around the heavier essential oils and botanicals, such as cassia bark, bergamot, Bosnian juniper berries, liquorice root and orris. The idea behind these ingredients is a mouthfeel and depth to the final product. The botanicals are being brewed and macerated in base spirit and once that is accomplished they get transferred to the still. 

Following is the heart of the mixture, the lighter botanicals. These include lavender, chamomile, rose petals, kaffir lime leaves, linden and elderflower and are independently “brewed” and later given into the distillery. The distillers from Silent Pool invented this process, which is similar to brewing tea and was therefore named “Gin Tea Infusion”, the result delivered a much finer and aromatic taste. A side benefit is, that the essential oils are now becoming a compound of the infusion and the result ends with ethereal high notes of perfumed lime and floral essence.

“Our unique four-stage process allows us to use flavours that previously distillers could only dream of being able to use, and precisely control the quality and flavour of our gins.” – Cory Mason, Master Distiller

For the third and final step, to the botanical and herbal infusion, the gin basket shows action. The basket is hanging right at the top or neck of the Holstein still. To create the harmony among all ingredients and to give the Gin its final, unique touches, fruits and herbs such as fresh citrus peel, dried pears, Macedonian juniper and Bulgarian angelica is added.

Silent Pool Gin (17 of 19)

Getting to know the ingredients in smell, taste and texture is part of the distillery tour.

One of the main differences to a classical London Dry Gin is not only the various ingredients such as rose and lavender but also the fact, that there is no sugar used during the process of brewing. To intensify the aromas liquorish seeds Anatol are used, they have the same sweetening effect but deliver an even purer and richer final product.


The product 

The flavour palette of the Surrey Hills and local naturally occurring spring water to create spirits that are made in a still, powered by hardwood grown in the local forests – that is the secret recipe to the distinguished taste of this award winning Gin.

“We use locally sourced ingredients and aim to incorporate the beauty of the location in our product.” – Cory Mason, Master Distiller

Not only the unique Silent Pool Gin is being produced at Silent Pool, but also many other Gins as well as Brandy and Grappa. The variety is big and each product is distinctive and unique in its taste – well worth a try.


The award winning Gin.

At the end of the distillery tour, one gets to the best part – the tasting. Although one might not be a virgin Silent Pool drinker will surely convert after having been told the processes and ingredients. The Gin takes on a completely new experience.

One of the outstanding experiences was the tasting of the blackberry and Strawberry Gin cordials which are absolutely delicious!


A selection of the many products available on site.

You want to give this unique Gin a try and maybe even visit the distillery and production process on site? 🙂  Head over to their homepage and book your tour or purchase the products online: http://silentpooldistillers.com/product/silent-pool-gin/


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