Summer vibes and horse power.

The Gallery is at the bottom.

A weekend road trip with 570 PS across a beautiful scenery.

STOP, before you scroll through or read any further! I want to try something new, something which hopefully created the right mindset, atmosphere and bring across some of the vibes I felt during this trip. Try it and click the link below and listen to the songs while looking through the photos – summer vibes all over :)

570 PS, 3.8 litre V8 engine, carbon-fibre chassis, a leather-trimmed touring deck which is accessed via the glass hatch, a panoramic roof and a top speed of 328 KPH – all of these attributes are combined in the McLaren 570 GT. A car optimised for the street, more comfort and practicality leave the driver in the perfect touring car.

McLaren Automotive is making it happen, the one thing every brand is aiming for, they manage to develop every new car in a better way. Whether that is through the design, performance, weight reduction or simply the drivers experience – every car seems to beat the previous model. This could quickly turn into an addiction, as you don’t want to miss out on an even better driving experience than your already awesome McLaren in the garage, right?

570 GT (22 of 71)

Although I do not have that kind of problem, I highly believe that it would be hard to choose a model. I mean that would be if I could. Try to choose between a model you personally worked on, helped developing and a model which has newer, better features and seems to bring a whole different bang to performance levels, seems hard right? Because it is, the decision would be as hard having under different circumstance, but this is the secret to the company’s success! Make every product even better than the one before, keep pushing the boundaries and find new limits – all of this combined in their theme “We enjoy what we do”! Hell yeah, who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t enjoy making the impossible possible, leading a new company to great success and a positive turn over in such a short period?

I certainly did enjoy working for McLaren Automotive, a great company sitting in the beautiful Surrey landscape, in a building where innovation is on the daily agenda. It feels like working as a team, no matter in which area you work or even if you are an intern like I was, everyone helps each other, everyone is working for the same goal – to develop an even better car.

570 GT (69 of 71)

Ok, enough of the company behind this great super car, let’s show you some of the great photos and impressions which were shot during this weekend road trip.

Of course, we needed to stop at one of the many farmers markets, get some fresh strawberries from the fields and a stopped for a quick climbing session in the local facility.

Have you seen my previous story where I show you some impressions of the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf – Ringlokschuppen Moabit. ? Or my impressions of this years FoS and SBSC?

Enjoy the impressions of this beautiful and powerful car, 


Laura Kukuk

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