Something great.

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The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. – Charles R. Swindoll

I always value the privilege of being able to attend certain events, such as car shows and races, and following my passion to beautiful locations around the world. The focus, however, the real pleasure for me, is to spend time with the cars, known and unknown pieces of art.

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Bearing witness when old favourites and unique new treasures are rolled out from under their covers to be shown to an exclusive audience: that is the secret of these events, the reason I enjoy attending them. The greatest thing is, when time allows, looking for interesting details and playing with different angles on each car.

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Shaped for purpose…

The main pleasure I find is in soaking up the details, looking at the forms and shapes from every angle and examining the intricacies of the design. That combined with the history and character these cars have formed over time, plus the stories from their owners, resellers and admirers results in its own special magic.

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Porsche 904 GTS Coupe Le Mans.

At the last event I attended I had the opportunity to do exactly that: the chance to try and capture some of the magic surrounding these beautiful vehicles. What I was able to capture through my lense, I am showing you here. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Masterpieces (45 of 167)

On our way to the Jury and Award Ceremony in the Ferrari 330.

Enjoy the attention to detail in this gallery,


Laura Kukuk

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