A British summer day of cars and champagne.

The Gallery is at the bottom.

It’s beginning of September and the weekends are packed with many outstanding car events.

Set on the river Thames in London, the historic Hampton Court Palace provided the perfect backdrop for a British summer day of cars and champagne.

The Concourse of Elegance offered an outstanding collection of cars

Jaguar and Aston Martin were invited to host a gathering, Ferrari celebrated its 70th anniversary and Dylan Miles has launched his new company – busy schedule for a weekend of joy. Some rear gems such as a selection of Jaguar’s D-Type Le Mans legends, some of Prince Charles’s old cars or the stunning array of the James bond classic DB5’s. An astonishing Osca MT4 LM Vignale Coupé from 1952.

The Main concourse took place around the main fountain of the Hampton Palace. Some of the most exclusive vehicles were on show around the fountain.

Hampton Court Palace (4 of 146)

Last years Concours took place at the Windsor Castle, quite an incredible scenery as well. Have a look yourself and get some impressions of the Concours itself.

But lets be honest, this years Concours has made an even better impression :)

I hope you enjoy the photos below of what was a lovely day in one of the most spectacular venues in London. 


Laura Kukuk

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