IAA: Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung

The full Gallery is at the bottom.

We have been waiting for two years to finally return to Frankfurts most important show – the international automotive show: IAA. And of course we had a look around for you…

I will introduce you some of the highlights of the show below.

The BMW Z4 concept car:

The Z4 concept which have been launched in Pebble Beach this year has a so called “shark nose” front, a lower windshield and many more edges. Another highlight are the various transitions of surfaces from positive to negative and vice versa. The engine is staying classic as a front engine, available in two options: a 4 cylinder turbo engine with 2 ltr. ccm and 250 horse power and a 6 cylinder turbo with up to 450 horse power in its M-Version. The car is also supposed to be delivered with 20” light metal wheels.

2018 we will be introduced to the series production cars, where not much is supposed to be changing.

The BMW  Concept 8 Series:

BMW unveiled the concept car at the Concorso d’Eleganza on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como this year and seems to be an awakening in the Werke’s design studios.

There will be an 840i with a turbocharged 3 ltr. inline-six and an 850i powered by a twin-turbo 4.4 ltr. V8—though even the six, which makes up to 335 horsepower in today’s BMWs.

The new 8-Series will come to market late 2018 as a new 2019 model. Six-cylinder cars will start below $100,000, but the V8 likely will pass this price range. The outer edge will indeed soften when it reaches production, but the concept gives a clear indication of what’s to come.


It’s confirmed the engine is indeed a 1.6-litre that happily revs up to 11,000rpm. In terms of power, I have been told the total output from the hybrid set-up exceeds 1,000bhp, while the top speed is beyond 350kph (217mph). The turbocharged V6 engine itself has an electric motor built into its turbocharger for eliminating turbo lag, while another 160bhp e-motor works on the crankshaft. Then another two 50,000rpm, 160bhp electric motors independently drive each of the front wheels, allowing torque-vectoring, lightning-quick launches. Those front motors also allow a zero-emission EV mode, during which your 3 million Euro AMG hypercar becomes front-wheel drive, similar to the EV mode in a BMW i8.

All 275 cars, which are going to be produced, are already sold to a price of 3 Million Euros each.


Laura Kukuk

The Gallery:

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