Revival Part 2 – Good things take time.

The Gallery is at the bottom.

Just over a month ago, it was that time of the year again, the annual Goodwood Revival in South of England took place and we want to recapture it.

Once a year, everyone from across the world unites at Goodwood Circuit for the rebirth of an event, which has now longer been relived than it took place back in the “good old times” – The Goodwood Revival.

Everyone dresses up matching the golden 40s and 50s, puts on their best gown and enters this one in a kind world, with their historical vehicles & bikes. It is an event like no other, not only does it feel like one is taken back in time, but also the generic positive and happy atmosphere is remarkable and unique to this spectacle. Whether it is raining “cats and dogs” or the sun is boiling in a way that the cars are going through their water reserves like others do with beer, everyone is happy to be able to be there, to be rescued from todays mundane life, to recapture a sophisticated era of racing like no other.

Revival 2017-5143

The grid girls.

You find cars such as the 250F Maserati, a genuine 250GTO SWB (Ferrari) and a Jaguar D-Type blasting through the corners of Goodwood Circuit like there isn’t tomorrow. The track is known to be one of the most dangerous tracks around, not necessarily due to the layout, rather due to little to none safety zones and barriers. If you do loose control at certain parts, get sidetracked and depart the track you might end up facing a wall straight ahead of you. This, of course, results in many major accidents, one of the reasons the track was closed many years ago.

One might think that this would result in continuous racing or in a generic gentlemen’s race – everyone drives but no one races. I can promise you quite the opposite, one of the many reason why I am so in love with this event! Everyone races like nuts, no one is aware of a brake pedal and the joy on everyones face is addictive. Some race without any support, they unload, prepare and race the car all by themselves, others invite their whole family to turn this event into a big party – all in all everyone enjoy themselves to its maximum.

Revival 2017-4463

Jochen Mass – one of the greatest and friendliest racing drivers from Germany!

Revival 2017-4517

Katarina Kyvalova – female race driver.

Lord March invites us into his fantasy of historical racing and you feel like you have travelled back in time, for a whole weekend of fun. No wonder we still love to day dream about this spectacle and every years events, and I am sure you do as well!

Take a minute and allow yourself to be taken back in time, back to a few weeks ago, back a few centuries ago…


Laura Kukuk

The Gallery:

Have you seen Part 1 of my Revival 2017 story?


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