Feeling free in Catalunya. 

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Meet Pepe Massot, at only 21 years he has already had more of a career than most of us with 50. Born to race, he accomplished a successful racing career and is now dealing some of the finest Porsche’s in existence.

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday we drive up to his office, located north of Barcelona. On the way from our hotel we crossed the city center and we’re immediately stopped by thousand and thousands of protesters. Today, one day before the referendum, the Spanish inhabitants protest against the claims of the independence of Catalunya. They only see difficulties coming up, the economy suffering even more and the country splitting during a time where unity is the key. If you or old, everyone is holding, wearing or carrying the national Flag, the shout and sing but not in an angry way, rather in a frustrated way. We carefully drive through the crowds and move on to our destination.

Pepe’s office is also his playground, it is located in an old warehouse building and as soon as you enter you get to admire some of the finest jewels the German car manufacturer Porsche has to offer. Three of his 993 Turbos are waiting outside for us, not long after introducing ourselves, we both get handed a set of keys and off we go finding ourselves sitting in super rare, low milage cars such as the “arena red” 993 – what a dream, what a Sunday!

Alongside Pepe we are in company of his father who recently turned 56, his girlfriend and two of his closest friends and us being introduced to this intimate, familiar get-together, a relaxed ride across Catalunya’s mountains.

Beautiful roads are winding up the mountains, a view difficult to describe and being carried by one one of the greatest machines out there, creates a feeling of freedom one needs to experience in order to understand it. At the top of the mountain we take a break, admire the view and enjoy cerveca paired with jamón and olives. We get to know more about Pepe’s racing background and his true passion for anything fast. He has impressive knowledge in race and sports cars with special attention to Porsche’s, one can feel this is where is heart sits.

We can’t wait to meet up with Pepe for the next drive, hopefully on a racetrack getting to experience his incredible talent on track – see you soon!

If you want to find out more about Pepe and his prestige offer on cars, go and check out his showroom in Barcelona or pay his website a visit.


Laura Kukuk

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