Alfa Romeo Heaven.

Full interview here, Gallery at the bottom.

A family, pasteis de nata’s, a garage and some Alfas amongst Bentleys – Welcome to Fernandes Oldtimertechnik, located in Hamburg, offers  some of the greatest restorations. The amazingly familiar atmosphere paired with precision and an eye for details makes this place special in every sense and part of my family.

Fernandes Oldtimertechnik was founded by Pedro Fernandes over 16 years ago. Pedro used to work for Alfa Romeo, where he gained his impressive knowledge in Alfa Romeos and their special need of attention.

I met Pedro a few years back through examining and analysing his incredible work as a classic car expert. Although, one might imagine examining someone’s work doesn’t necessarily create the easiest situation, it turned out to be entirely unproblematic: after only a few closer looks at the car it became clear that the work he and his team do is impeccable, just outstanding and pure perfection in details. Luckily, all of this eventually lead to an amazing friendship among families with petrol flowing through their veins.

Both our families are car addicted, love a good surf and enjoy good food – reason enough to go on annual surf holidays in northern Portugal and to exactly that – enjoy our common interests. This being paired with frequent visits to his befriended co-workers, inspecting cars and test driving them sums up in an incredible familiar atmosphere. Similar atmosphere can be described between the walls of his garage in Hamburg – unique to itself and showing some best of its kind automobiles.

Fernandes Oldtimertechnik (18 of 24)

The GTAm.

During my visit two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Pedro, so check out the interview which is be published on Petrolicious! I am very excited to share his equal passion for cars and spread the word of his amazing, very detailed work.

Now it’s time to form your own opinions on his work, whether that is through the gallery below or your next visit to Hamburg, or the interview!


Laura Kukuk

The Gallery:



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