Racing at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Full Gallery at the bottom.

The sun is shining, water is close by, mountains stretching across the riviera and the noise of engines roaring while being challenged across the Circuit.

Welcome to the Porsche Classic Series!

Two weekends ago was a mixture of pure excitement and fun, thanks to Alvaro Couso and Porsche Barcelona, who have invited to join the final run of the Porsche Classic Series by RallyClassics 2017 at Circuit de Catalunya.


The series consists of 6 continuous races, of which two are held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the rest spread over the country. Porsche Barcelona, as one of the main sponsors, invited us to drive along and share the experience with you.

It is a race like no other, it is a race the Spanish way – very laid-back, casual and friendly. One finds themselves quickly amongst some of the greatest Porsches in existence, live music and car lovers. This combined with one of the greatest circuits Spain has to offer, semi- and professional drivers paired with amateurs and a generic relaxed atmosphere leads this event to one of the greatest historic races in Spain, maybe even in Europe?

Although the continuity in the races is set as the goal, no one seems to be driving in a slow and tempered way. The noise of squeaking tires, roaring of the engines and slight waves of petrol and oil odours play a big centre role in creating this special atmosphere.

Porsche Classics-8267

Everyone gets a chance to drive, hop in a car and try ones best at keeping the pre-set time, not everyone succeeds but the fun & enjoyment is the same.

No classes, everyone at once on the track: a 910 next to a 914, doesn’t seem to be uncommon. Needless to say that the 914 only keeps its position at the start, soon the 910 zooms away and makes every other car seem to be driving backwards.

Next thing a Porsche RSR flies by and then the sound of something powerful fills the air long before the machine creating this enormous sound is to be seen – the 962, a legend.


After 4 hours of fun from dawn till midday we are invited for lunch on the roof of race control: paella, pollo and other delicatés are served, wine is being poured and every team starts discussing their tactics and strategies. Shortly after the second run starts and everyone assembles themselves across the paddocks and pit lane, excitement is in the air.

I will leave the rest to your imagination and hope you enjoy the gallery and consider yourself being part of this special way of racing in 2018s Porsche Classic Series.

The Gallery:



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