Finali Mondiali at Mugello.

Full story on Petrolicious, Gallery at the bottom.

I hope you feel the emotion, ambition and general great atmosphere and plan your trip for next years Finali Mondiali. 

The end of a fantastic Ferrari Season.

Last week I had a distinctive pleasure of attending Ferraris Finali Mondiali at Mugello Circuit, Ferraris home track.

When I arrived in Mugello, on Thursday, it was my first time stepping foot at this famous track, a circuit owned by Ferrari and famous for its one of a kind atmosphere. Second time in three years happening in Mugello, the Finali Mondiali clearly belongs to the home track of Ferrari placed in the hills of the stunning Tuscan scenery.  

An amazing racing season, for amateurs and professionals, comes to an end during these 4 days of final races. Everyone is celebrating the fantastic energy, achievement and new made friendships in an incredible program of events.

One has the pleasure to chat with European and World Champions, enjoying lunch while watching the next race, hop into a car yourself and get taken around the track as a “hot lap” and generally just talk lots of petrol, reflecting on a fast ending racing season.

That was the modern, race car side of the event, let’s continue with something even more special. On display were over 50 historical formula one cars paired with an even bigger amount of sports and grand prix cars reflecting some of Ferraris 70 years of history. Walking through these halls of history, all cars are being on display are forming a timeline, one can see the true progress in aerodynamics, design and general engineering and compare the formula one car development to the sport cars.

Some of the most amazing cars are all lined up, just to name some examples: F40 LM, 275 GTB Competizione, 365 GTB/4 Competizione, 125 S, 126 CK, F333 SP, 512 M, 575 GTC, who wouldn’t have his or her mind blown?

Speaking for myself, I am sold on this event. Being sceptical at first as petrol does run through my veins, but having been very connected to classic cars, I wasn’t sure whether this kind of season wrap up would be flashing me as much as it ended up doing.

See for yourself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up planning your trip for next year’s Finali Mondiali.


Laura Kukuk

Check out my Story and Gallery at Petrolicious, there are written impressions accompanying my photos. 

The classics Gallery:

The F1 Gallery:

The general Gallery:




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