Bolster Cup #76MM

One of my favourite and craziest races during the Members Meeting…

76_MM (80 of 451)

The race celebrates modified vintage cars and racing specials built both pre- and post-war. That means the grid was open to everything from tiny three-wheeled Morgans to much larger cars using Bentley chassis – and almost anything in between. It’s fertile ground for innovation, all with the aim of going faster than the next competitor.

The Bolster Cup is named after the Bolster brothers who typified the ingenious enthusiast engineers who pioneered such cars. Their extraordinary ‘Bloody Mary’, with its two V-twin engines, was a testament to the mechanical creativity that prevailed, and a walk around the Bolster paddock sees that spirit alive and well.

The Bolster Cup promises to be a spectacle. It may not have the speed of the Gurney Cup or the glamour of the Moss Trophy but the dramatic disparities between power, weight, and braking efficiency guarantee a classic battle. In the paddock, the assembled cars will stand as a testament to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of their respective owners, the eclectic gathering of specials, both old and less old, a continuation of the legacy that was laid down by John Bolster and his contemporaries. Visitors to the paddock should also find in abundance the spirit of good humour and camaraderie that John Bolster did so much to engender throughout his life, a light-hearted atmosphere that he feared was lost to the rising tide of professionalism following the war, an atmosphere that inevitably struggles to prevail when winning is the only motivation.


Laura Kukuk

The Gallery:

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