A dream come true at Goodwood Media Drive Day

A day full of sunshine, packed with great people and even greater cars on one of UK’s best historical tracks – a dream come true!

It has been such an incredible day and I still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather. It was an incredible day with the perfect composition of cars, manufacturers, variant of people with different professions and informational input. Especially the small number of people added to the high quality of this event and the brilliantly relaxed atmosphere created. That combined with a glorious team of support from Goodwood, the Marshals on top form as always, an insanely fast track (a dream since I am 5 years old has come true to finally “race” on Goodwood circuit!) and sunshine has turned the day into an unforgettable experience. Above all of that though I treasure the most to have been able to test drive so many variants of cars on different roads (track, public road, perimeter track) and that all very stress less, easy going, no cueing, great informational input from the team of each manufacturer and excellent driving coaching. 

All round an amazing event which I truly hope for to be carried on the following years.


Laura Kukuk

The Gallery:

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