TEASER: A couple of days in Estoril together with the perfect combination of cars – BMW wins big time!


Want to know which cars I am talking about, you have probably guessed from my Instagram posts by now, the all new BMW Z4 and 8 Series. Both to which world premieres earlier this year I have been and since have been dreaming of testing them, especially their limits and where best than on track?!

I am currently on the plane to Lisbon, the start to an epic time together with BMW, closely followed by an array of events over the next 2 weeks – yes, this time I packed the big suitcase. I will be on the go for some time, covering 4 events, 5 car inspections in 4 different countries. Let’s bring it on… and you better stay tuned for some exciting stories which are coming up ;)

BMW 8 Coupe social 112

So let’s get started.. It’s Tuesday, 16th October, 9pm and I just had my dinner here in 15.000m height (I am guessing, I don’t actually know), quite good Lufthansa Business Class never disappoints, and now I am all energized to keep working for the next hours. Once I land I will get my bags and drive to Estoril, around an hour West, towards the coast of Lisbon.

Arriving late at night I am astonished by the beauty of this resort, located in the middle of the “Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais”. Set among rolling hills, lush gardens and serene mountain lakes, Penha Longa Resort, is simply stunning – a true exposure to the beauty of Sintra mountains.


So whats on the menu? Tomorrow morning I will have the special opportunity to not only get to drive the all new 8 Series, what a beast, on the road, I actually get to drive it on track! Where? In Estoril… here is a layout of the track, rather exciting!


So I get to jump into the drivers seat of the brand new 8 series – how cool is that? Having been to the world premiere during the 24h Le Mans earlier this year, I am super excited to finally jump behind the steering wheel and take you once again with me. In case you missed out on the world premiere, here is a link to my story covering the races and premiere. Later on I will join the rest of the group again and we will be heading for lunch before heading out on the scenic drive.

By the time you will be allowed to read this, I will have had the experience and will most probably struggle to keep the excitement to myself!

Once we are finished off at the track we get to take the cars on road and follow a beautifully planned scenic-drive along Portugal’s coast line where we get to test the overall feeling and everyday performance of the car. BMW‘s luxury model represented by the slogan „designed from track to road“ and we get to know what it truly means and feels like – what a concept!


Next day the Z4 is back in the game, now it’s time to get to experience the road performance and agility in terms of dynamics during a second scenic drive. This I am especially excited about, having recently driven the previous Z4 and Z Models during the Pebble Beach World Premiere gathering with BMW.

z4 (9 of 11)

I mean we do not need to talk about the outside appearance, as in my opinion it simply mega, but is the performance equally as good? And how is the Z4 going to perform when pushed to its limits? We are about to find out!

Then we get the opportunity to test drive some so called historical Z-Models, previous Z4 and other Z-Models who have been succeeded by its predecessors . This shall give great opportunity to once again experience the journey, where it all started to what it is today – in which terms the BMW Z4 has changed, which are improved and so on…

I just found out that I even get to drive a Z8 and Z1 – incredible!

After all of this I will jump into my rental car, nothing exciting at all, sadly, and drive down the Algarve towards Portimao. That’s where I will meet Fernandes Oldtimertechnik and their GTA’s for the Algarve Classic Festival, which you will probably here about prior to this post – so here is a link to the race experience with the GTA’s!

And now we start with the real stuff, I have just returned from my last drive and am grinning like a „Honigkuchenpferd“! I do not even know where to start and what to tell you as I am still filled with adrenaline and pure excitement. Let’s just say both cars are blowing my mind! On different levels and to various extends but yes, that’s the bitter truth.

Summing up this special event:

The Z4  – the underestimated beast

The 8 – keeping the promise

The team on location – one hell of a team

The location – stunning getaway

The track – challenging and fun

Thanks to BMW for making this special experience come true and letting me experience the full dynamical performance of both the BMW 8 Series and the BMW Z4. 

The following photos are my own work:

The following photos are created by the incredibly talented Enes Kuvecic:

The following photos are provided by BMW:

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