Christmas vibes: Making a Mini Classic look truly mini.

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Spreading joy & happiness: Christmas tree hunting the unconventional way.

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Making a Mini Classic look truly mini: The idea spreading love  & happiness for Christmas and what’s better than making people laugh and make them smile after a long work day…

I must admit, this year I have simply not had the time starting to feel „christmassy“, getting into the mood and being prepared for all the festive occasions approaching fast. Then again, I don’t necessarily agree with the stress it brings along too… at the end of the day it’s the time of the year where it should be about love, happiness, sharing, friends and families… One of the important words is Giving, not necessarily gifting yet another iPhone, rather gifting joy, happiness & love. 

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The world seems to be spinning faster from year to year, society turns us into workaholics, and we barely find the balance in life. We should all take these days at the end of the year to reflect on the past, our goals, friendship & family relations, priorities and balances in life. Take time to go for that coffee with your friend you have been delaying for weeks, listen to your family member, be present and simply try to spread positive energy. 

„Don’t worry, be happy“ – Bobby McFerrin
Having said that, I should really be the first making these priorities…

So here we go: Starting off with spreading joy & happiness and a few Christmas vibes. The first thing which came to my mind was, of course, was a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree needed to be organised, but not just any Christmas tree, simply going to the next market, choosing one among hundreds of perfectly wrapped trees, no I wanted to do it right. What does that mean? Well, hunting one. Yes, you have heard right, getting into the woods with a saw and choosing the perfect fit. With that goal in my mind I wanted to put a certain twist to it in order for me to share this experience with as many people as possible, spreading the message. Being a car girl that obviously quickly resulted in searching the perfect car for this mission. Having owned a Mini (1992) I have always wanted to create an image which makes the Mini looks truly mini. I approached the guys from BMW Group Classic with my idea and they loved it. The BMW Classic Mini in bright red, with two white racing strips equipped, from 2000 (one of the last Classic Mini’s) is going to be our transport vehicle. 

Then of course, we needed to wait for the snow season and yes it has started snowing and the night before the planned trip I drove through a true snow storm and yet next day there was no snow left. A sad fact but that didn’t stop us from moving forward with this idea and making everyone smile, bringing some more Christmas vibes into the city… 

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Start of our mission: Picking up the Mini in the BMW Group Classic, always a great visit which I can highly recommend for everyone who has not been there! BMW Group Classic is located in the old building of the original „Bayrische Motoren Werke“ factory which they have moved into in 2016. 

Let’s jump into the little one and get going. After a quick pitstop in the DYI stop to get a few last pieces to securely „hunt“ and transport the Christmas tree later on, we make our way towards the Markt Indersdorf. Who would have thought that there are quite a few places around the area of Munich where its possible to cut your own tree in the woods?! We chose to head into the direction of Dachau, towards the family owned business with a huge selection of the admirable „Nordmann trees“.

Arriving we are happily welcomed and the news of our mission have spread. We are here to cut the biggest possible tree which we can make fit on the roof of the tiny Mini – an idea we firstly get laughed at but soon they realise we are dead serious. 

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A wood hacksaw in our boot and off we go, making our way into the tree farm, up a tiny little field path. 

We arrived in front of a fence, there was no way forward with the Mini, we would get stuck immediately. No worries, we got our equipment and started searching for the best looking, biggest possible Christmas tree. Our idea, a tree well higher than 2 metres. 

Soon we found our „perfect“ tree, standing there proud and well centred, much bigger & higher than the both of us. We started cutting the tree, every few minutes swapping places and slowly getting there and then, the moment of truth, our tree was down.  Much heavier, bigger and higher than first anticipated, we realised the „hard work“ wasn’t over yet. We did make our way down a small hill while searching for our tree, now of course, we needed to make this way up again. 

Sweating, laughing and feeing rather ridiculous we finally arrived, back at the Mini, standing there in the woods. We did doubt out decision, seeing the tree lying next to the little Mini and we not sure it would fit on top of it, but we weren’t here to give up and decided to at least give it a try. 

I think at our third attempt we managed to lift the tree up and on top of the tiny Mini roof – we made it. A few straps were all it needed to securely strap it down for our way back to the market. 

We packed everything and jumped into the car, slowly driving down, the same field path as previously on our way up. The Mini looking ridiculous under the much bigger tree, and the both of us happily grinning like children – we made it and the image created was much better than imagined. 

We measured our Christmas tree and have been beyond happy to find out it measured above 2,40 metres – a height we both agreed was just the perfect fit for the little one. 

Quickly wrapping the tree, for the long distance until we reached Munich, as we did want everyone to arrive safe & sound, strapping it down and off we went to continue our mission. We head great hope for this one to be a real successful mission, the first people at the market and the family were already beyond happy and smiling that we were sure we can spread a lot of happiness & joy during the rest of the day. 

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Every car passing us, pedestrians and bicycles riders, everyone is turning their head with their biggest smile on their face. We are being flooded with well hearted smiles, laughter, happiness and love. The Mini is doing its job, much better than imagined, spreading all the Christmas feelings. 

People approach us, young and old and thank us for this wonderful idea, bringing a little joy into the crazy busy pre Christmas time. 

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We stop at as many places as possible, starting with the „Siegestor“. We park the Mini next to the Art work saying „Love“, a message we are trying to deliver. Such a stunning picture, all the drivers are being clearly overwhelmed, needing to stop to take pictures. We started a mission of happiness and here we are receiving love and joy from everyone around us. 

Heading down the famous Leopoldstreet we turn right onto the „Wittelsbacherplatz“ where a medieval Christmas market takes place every year. A perfect spot for us to enjoy a „Glühwein“, without alcohol of course, while watching people admire the heavily loaded little red Mini.

People stop, take photos & selfies, admire the little Mini and wonder why and from whom it is parked here, who’s great idea it was. We often get caught up in conversations, people start telling us their stories, related ti Christmas memories and happiness. Each and every story would deserve to be written down and told, but one thing is clear, we managed to fulfill our mission.

The night starts to kick in but we simply do not want to stop and continue our trip towards „Marienplatz“ and „Viktualienmarkt“. Several police men & women standing at the spot we were hoping to park at. I jump out and ask whether there is a chance to take a quick photo. The response was incredible, quite the opposite of expected, everyone of them wanted to take pictures with the Mini and they thanked us for this beautiful idea! People got off their bikes, slowed down from their shopping trips and just admired the cute picture of this massive Christmas tree drowned Mini.

Back in the car we notice the fuel needle rather low and decide it’s best to quickly stop for fuel. We found a beautiful old Shell petrol station and couldn’t stop taking pictures.

On our way back to BMW Group Classic we had one last stop: „Schloss Nymphenburg“, one of Munich’s most beautiful places to visit.

Back home, at BMW Group Classic, the Mini received such admiration and advocacy that it was promptly decided to park it outside, in front of the gates to continue spreading Christmas love.

Have you seen it yet?

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

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