Hi Guys,

As I post everyday on my social media channels I thought it would be best to create #Throwback’s of the content and my daily updates.

So here we go…

This is a short summary with my personal highlights as follows:

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Tuc Tuc terça-feira ☀️

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I got to be honest with you, not my first choice car (as you may know I love those tiny, light fast things like my sunshine car), but Rolls-Royce has always been at the top end of greatest luxury cars of the world. Ever since my first interactions with their classic versions, the Silver Ghost from 1909 or later the Phantom from 1925, I have been fascinated them and their approach to luxurious details, even coachbuilders like Mulliner ans Zagato fitted bodies on them. The Silver Ghost was the origin of Rolls-Royce's claim of making the "best car in the world" – a phrase coined not by themselves, but by the prestigious publication Autocar in 1907. 🤓 Today, in 2019, the Ghost has been re introduced in 2009 and fascinating the (upper class) world up until today. For sure not my daily driver but equally sure a fascinating car with great level to detail – So I am excited to have the opportunity to experience the world of Rolls-Royce and understand what this whole “best luxury car in the world” (although that claim goes by the Phantom, but you know what I mean) is all about 🙂 // Spirit of Ecstasy // So what do you think? Fascinating or not your thing at all? What would you like to experience in it or in closer detail? Or simply a drive to feel the effortless elegance, the ultimate expression of dynamism and luxury on the road? 🧐 Let me know, I am highly interested in your opinions! :))

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