Provenance: A Rolls-Royce program examined together with AMS

Rolls-Roys a brand which has been established in the early 19 hundreds and ever since put high quality handcraft, visionary engineering and luxury right at the top of their priorities.

Have you ever wondered of owning a Rolls-Royce? Have you ever wondered whether you are able to afford one? Have you ever felt the desire to sit behind the steering wheel of a Phantom or have you ever wondered how it is to get around like Aladin on a „flying carpet“?

Provenance is a program established by Rolls-Royce and since many happy drivers have been able to benefit from it and enjoy the effortlessly drive of a Rolls. A program which seems to be mainly known amongst the Rolls-Royce community but less so across broader enthusiasts. 

Of course also a Rolls-Royce will become a pre owned car one day, an idea which is strange at first but then starts to be more and more appealing. Wanting to be able to offer these used vehicles back to a new owner, Rolls-Royce decided to be establish a special program for it in order to be brought back to a „as new“ condition. 

I know, it sounds wrong at first. One should think if one is able to afford a luxurious car like a Rolls, one would go all the way – get the unique stitching, a personalised body paint and  dashboard or a special star setup at the sky. A Phantom can easily add up to half a million Euros, when you add on special requests. Purchasing a Rolls-Royce, with its combination of visionary engineering and hand-crafted build, should always be an exceptional experience, regardless of its age. That’s why only the finest previously-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars attain the Provenance title. 

A few weeks back when Auto Motor und Sport contacted me in order to analyse the Provenance program it didn’t take long for me to come back with a very exciting „yes“. We started to dig in deeper, research thew program and then decided it was necessary for us to „experience“ the program, the check-up and stages a used Rolls-Royce would need to go through in order to get the „Provenance“ status.  A program which involves a 360° run through of the car, an in detail examination and replacement of parts showing too many usage signs or being broken. 

Rolls-Royce claims „When you buy a Provenance Rolls-Royce motor car, you are buying unrivalled peace of mind.“ – so let’s find out more about it and what the message portraits.

To attain the Provenance title, every previously-owned Rolls-Royce is meticulously inspected by factory-trained technicians, and repaired using genuine Rolls-Royce parts to ensure your chosen vehicle meets the highest possible standards before it even reaches you. 

Moreover, while some prestige marques offer only 12 months’ warranty and no inclusive servicing, Provenance Rolls-Royce motor cars benefit from a minimum 24 month warranty and complimentary servicing. For further peace of mind, this comprehensive cover is fully transferable to subsequent owners so you can rest assured that your Provenance Rolls-Royce remains a sound investment. 

Every Provenance vehicle has been restored to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ uncompromising standards, with every detail scrupulously inspected, including a full road test. Any issues identified are then rectified using only genuine
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars parts in an authorised dealership, assuring you that all factory-fitted equipment is in full working order and that every tyre has a minimum depth of 4mm. Paintwork and trims are also inspected and restored to the level you would expect of a Rolls-Royce motor car.

Checks are carried out by independent organisations to ensure the vehicle has not been previously stolen, written-off as a loss or is a salvage vehicle, and that it has no outstanding financial agreements. Any statutory vehicle inspections and/or emissions tests are carried out and the necessary certificates issued*. Finally, your Rolls-Royce is professionally prepared and valeted to ensure it arrives looking its best, and if a service is due within the next 4,000 miles, it will be completed before delivery.

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