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Portrait of Laura Kukuk in “Die Welt”.

Automotive Engineer, formerly with McLaren Automotive, Porsche Kremer Racing and today with Dipl. Ing. Klaus Kukuk. Nürburgring native. Excited to be here.

“My Name is Laura Kukuk, I was born in Germany and I’m based in Cologne. I always had a great passion and understanding for historic engineering alongside an admiration for modern day technology. This paired with a sense and feeling for elegance, form and function has made me pick up cameras throughout my life. Some of my earliest memories are helping my father fix and restore family owned classic cars and later on capturing it through the lense with my greasy fingers. Today, I am embracing my creative sense in my daily life through photography and coming up with creative ideas as a problem-solving approach.”


Automotive engineer and classic car-enthusiast with a special dedication for both pre-war Sports & GP cars and the sports cars of the ’50s, Laura loves to dive into automotive literature and to get hands-on mechanically involved with cars.

Laura Kukuk inherited her love for classic cars and technical knowledge from her father, who is a respected and well known classic car specialist. 

During her educational path she has always evolved her working career starting with internships at Porsche Kremer Racing, DP Motorsports and Ford. Throughout her mechanical and automotive engineering studies she has taken the opportunity to work as body and later as a development engineer for the modern car manufacturer McLaren Automotive, before returning back to Germany to complete her studies. In depth work with renowned Lancia and Mercedes-Benz restoration companies are adding to her knowledge foundation.  Since 2010 she has been working closely along her fathers side, inspecting and evaluating classic cars up to authenticating them for their originality. 

She is also a regular attendee and participant at various automotive events around the world for many years, including Goodwood, Pebble Beach, the Quail Lodge, Mille Miglia, Monte Carlo Rallye Historique, Le Mans Classic, Villa d’Este, London-Brighton Veteran Run and many more. 

I write for Petrolicious on a frequent basis.

In case you are interested in prints, please get in touch with me and I will get them shipped as soon as possible :)

Well, do you have any further questions or would like to get in touch with me? Please do so and drop me an e-mail kukuklaura@gmail.com. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.



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  1. Hi Laura,
    What a very nice writeup, you are a very modest young lady, it was very obvious to me when we met the other day at my workshop that you were extremely smart and far more experienced in this automotive world than your modest personality and young good looks would have us all believe. You are an inspiration to all young people who strive for a technical career and I will mark you here and now as someone to watch for great things in the future.
    Keep it up and if there is anything we can do to help you, all you need do is ask.
    Best regards,

    Just to embarrass you, I remember you when you were 14 or 15yrs old going around the shows with your dad.
    I didn’t realize it was you until you had left. What a funny surprise!

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