Be an Alpinist!

This trip is for true PETROLHEADS of all kind, whether you are into the VINTAGE CLASSIC or a MODERN SUPER CAR, whether you are FEMALE or MALE, YOUNG or MATURE, all you need is ENTHUSIAM and a certain DRIVE, sharing the same PASSION as we do.

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It’s surely not for the weak as we aim for this trip to be focused on driving, but at the same time it’s all about YOU and YOUR CAR, YOUR STORY and the story of everyone else following this passion. We want to create a SYMBIOSIS of classic & modern, of the car & it’s owner, of the environment and us as a traveler, of oldschool planning with some modern touches, special and standard – let’s create something new, a new relaxed atmosphere truly driven by PASSION.

This whole trip will be truly focused on passion and the LOVE for cars and the many facets it brings along. Therefore we are planning  a few “SPECIAL STOPS” where we would love to show you some of this passion and DEDICATION in the industry, whether in a modern or classic CAR WORLD. The CENTRE of this ROAD TRIP however will be YOU! We want to set the focus on YOUR story and therefore create a perfect ATMOSPHERE far all these “BENZINGESPRÄCHE” we are craving for.

Hard facts:

  • ⁃ 13 passes
  • ⁃ 4 countries
  • ⁃ 4 days
  • ⁃ ~400km/day
  • ⁃ 3 special stops
  • ⁃ Giveaways

Be part of something unique and send us an email 📧 for further interest & registration and stay tuned for our upcoming information 💪

A community of PETROLHEADS wanting to hit the road!

Road Trip @aalpinisti

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ᴀuto ᴀppassionati ᴀdrenaline ⛽️
A community of PETROLHEADS wanting to hit the road NOW!
Road Trip @aalpinisti

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